Beware the ‘donkey’

With the Clarence Valley Council elections fast approaching, it’s a chance for rate payers around the valley to look long and hard at those who have thrown their hat into the ring to represent us as councillors.
There are so many questions we need to be asking before we cast our vote; a vote that will impact greatly on our community, over the coming years.
As there are no qualifications needed to run for council, how can we know if these candidates have what it takes to represent us and make the tough financial decisions that need to be made to keep our council on track and not out the back door.
We need to be asking what qualifications and expertise these candidates possess.
While it is wonderful to hear how community minded our candidates are, if they don’t possess a high level of business, corporate or financial background, they would be better off volunteering their services to one of our many organisations within our community, that are screaming out for volunteers.
This is such a crucial decision. We need to get it right.
Or maybe you are one of those people who really don’t care who gets in and you prefer to stick with the ‘donkey’ vote.
If that be the case, then I guess you will get exactly what you vote for.
Lynne Mowbray,