Be prepared

Ed, A staggering one in three of people reading this letter will face at least one natural disaster in their lifetime. And after the disaster hits, sadly there’s one thing most will also experience regret about not being better prepared. Red Cross is calling on all Australians to take action before it’s too late. We want all Australians to be prepared for an emergency, whether it’s as large as a bushfire, cyclone or flood, or as personal as a family crisis . Too many conversations after an emergency begin with “I wish I had…”. People wish they’d taken the kids’ baby photographs; kept their passports safe; upped their insurance; looked in on their neighbours. For decades, we’ve seen first-hand the trauma, stress, and hardship that disasters bring; things many of us just aren’t prepared for like anxiety, grief and loss, relationship problems, and financial hardship that can go on for many years. You can’t get back what you’ve lost after an emergency. But you can plan to protect what matters most. And that’s different for everyone. Our free guide can spare people much of the avoidable grief and trauma because we know that the better you are prepared, the better you will cope Download your RediPlan at redcross.org.au/prepare and get prepared. Jody Broun New South Wales Director, Australian Red Cross