Asbestos risk?

Ed, I’m a little bemused as to why there’s a petition being circulated in relation to the asbestos risk at the planned site for the Clarence Valley Council’s new super depot in Tyson Street, next door to the South Grafton High School. My concerns in relation to the proposed new Super Depot do not relate to the minimal risk of asbestos but the massive increase in vehicular traffic; the increase in noise pollution created by this increase in traffic, in particular the nature of the vehicles that will be moving to and from the site on a frequent basis, and importantly the strong possibility that the Clarence Valley Council will exceed their stated construction budget. I’ve perused the initial plans and noted that entry to both the staff car park and for the councils fleet of heavy vehicles and civil construction machinery is from the Tyson Street side of the site, and not the Skinner Street/Rushforth Road side. Anyone who has had a student attending South Grafton High School, as I have in the past, is acutely aware of the amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in that area during school start and finish times. I am keen to learn how the CVC plans to mitigate the risks involved to the students, parents and staff of South Grafton High School as a result of what will be a massive increase in the vehicular traffic. Note that the entrance to the staff car park and the depot plant machinery compound is adjacent to the school. I’m also concerned about the ‘noise pollution’ the planned Super Depot will create and how that will impact on the learning environment for the students and the staff at the High School, has council taken this aspect of the proposal into account? Lastly, and from a financial perspective, I’m concerned about the CVC’s ability to keep within the published budget for the this very large infrastructure project. Sadly the financial track record of the CVC since amalgamation does not inspire my confidence in their ability to stay within budget. Fortunately our society and ultimately our regulatory system has evolved to the point of being able to enforce the required safety standards in relation to any Asbestos risk that may be posed. Surprisingly I find myself agreeing with the CVC’s General Manager in relation to the current scare tactics over this issue. Although the budget is of concern to me, my greatest concern is for the welfare and safety of the students and staff at South Grafton High School as a result the massive increase in vehicular traffic and the noise pollution that will impact on their learning environment. Ursula Tunks, South Grafton