General News


  1. What is the name for a plant that lives longer than an annual or biennial?
  2. What type of corporal punishment is used in Singapore?
  3. In what part of the body would you find a hammer, anvil, and stirrup?
  4. What country has de-facto control over most of the disputed territory Western Sahara?
  5. What is it considered bad luck to walk underneath?
  6. Outside Darwin and Alice Springs, which town has the largest population in the Northern Territory?
  7. Ellyse Perry has played in the Australian national team in which two sports?
  8. What neutral country was invaded by Germany in 1914 and again in 1940?
  9. What pseudoscience tries to explain human events by the movements of the planets and constellations?
  10. ‘Twiggy’ is the nickname of which Australian mining magnate?
  11. Which Australian territory has the largest population?
  12. Who was the lead singer of the Police?
  13. What mountain range do buildings known as “chalets” come from?
  14. What major European city is named after the goddess of wisdom?
  15. What are helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon known as?
  16. You would address a king by saying “Your Majesty”. How would you address the pope?
  17. Which company manufactures Weet-Bix?
  18. Which is the only venomous mammal native to Australia?
  19. What country does Haagen-Dazs ice cream come from?
  20. Stalactites grow down from the top of cave. What grows up from the floor of a cave?




ANSWERS: 1.Perennial 2.Caning 3.In the ear 4.Morocco 5.Ladders 6.Katherine 7.Cricket and soccer (football) 8.Belgium 9.Astrology 10.Andrew Forrest 11.Australian Capital Territory (ACT) 12.Sting 13.The Alps 14.Athens 15.Noble gasses 16.Your holiness 17.Sanitarium 18.Platypus 19.United States 20.Stalagmites