General News


  1. What organ do most fish use to breathe?
  2. What was the last country to abolish serfdom, in 1861?
  3. What Greek letter is shaped like a triangle?
  4. What disease is caused by excessive uric acid and can cause pain in one’s big toe?
  5. What is the luxury division of Toyota?
  6. What was the name of the ship that Matthew Flinders completed the first voyage around Australia aboard?
  7. What is the term for a flooded field where rice is grown?
  8. What does an ornithologist study?
  9. What French military unit is composed mainly of people who are not French citizens?
  10. Which Australian city was the most prosperous in the world during the gold rush?
  11. Which Australian golf course has reciprocal rights with St Andrews in Scotland?
  12. What is ghee?
  13. What was hung by a thread above the head of Damocles?
  14. In what subject are students often asked to use a compass and a protractor?
  15. At what event would you be most likely to hear a eulogy?
  16. What is the oldest chocolate bar in Australia?
  17. What part of Adam’s body did God use to make Eve?
  18. In the song “Joy to the World”, what type of animal was Jeremiah?
  19. What is the main ingredient of Vegemite?
  20. What well-known movie was inspired by the real-life Von Trapp family?



ANSWERS: 1.Gills 2.Russia 3.Delta 4.Gout 5.Lexus 6.The Investigator 7.Paddy 8.Birds 9.French Foreign Legion 10.Melbourne 11.Coober Pedy Opal Fields Golf Club 12.Clarified butter 13.A sword 14.Geometry 15.A funeral 16.Cherry Ripe 17.His rib 18.A bullfrog 19.Yeast 20.The Sound of Music