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  1. What is the common name of the body part where the humerus meets the radius and the ulna?
  2. Besides the U.S., what country had the most Italian immigrants between 1850-1950?
  3. Complete the phrase: ashes to ashes, ____ to ____
  4. What is the term for an area of space that has absolutely nothing inside it?
  5. What brand of football is used in all AFL and AFLW matches?
  6. One HD was an Australian TV channel dedicated, at least originally, to which subject matter?
  7. In which Australian state would you find the Queen Elizabeth Hospital?
  8. What e-reading device is manufactured by Amazon?
  9. What type of tea, flavoured with citrus, is named after an English lord?
  10. What South Pacific island was discovered by Europeans on Sunday, April 5, 1722?
  11. What object is being used by a person who is “tickling the ivories”?
  12. On which public holiday did Australia declare its federation?
  13. Which Adelaide suburb shares its name with a flag signalling system?
  14. What is the opposite of dusk?
  15. What spherical object is made by Dunlop, Penn, Wilson, and Prince?
  16. What do female mosquitoes eat that male mosquitoes don’t?
  17. What giant fire-breathing creature emerged from Tokyo Bay in an iconic 1954 movie?
  18. If you sorted Australia’s thirty-one Prime Ministers in alphabetical order, who would be first?
  19. What is the last name of father/son politicians Pierre and Justin?
  20. What have some weather stations in the Atacama Desert never once recorded?


BONUS QUESTION: Ghosts appear in how many of Shakespeare’s plays? Answer in next week’s Quiz.


ANSWERS: 1.The elbow 2.Argentina 3.Dust to dust 4.Vacuum 5.Sherrin 6.Sport 7.Adelaide 8.Amazon Kindle 9.Earl Grey 10.Easter Island 11.The piano 12.New Year’s Day 1901 13.Semaphore 14.Dawn 15.Tennis balls 16.Blood 17.Godzilla 18.Tony Abbott 19.Trudeau 20.Rain