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ARR News Quiz 19/2/2024

  1. What is the only living structure that can be seen from space?
  2. What movie starring Frank Sinatra was later remade starring George Clooney?
  3. What feature of Jupiter is a storm that has lasted for centuries and has a bigger diameter than planet Earth?
  4. What type of plant do shamrocks come from?
  5. What was first seen at Lowell Observatory in 1930?
  6. Of the 5 founding members of OPEC, what is the only one that isn’t in the Middle East?
  7. What is the largest desert in Australia?
  8. What is the northernmost point on the Australian mainland?
  9. Who were known as the “Fab Four”?
  10. What was the name of Michael J. Fox’s character in “Back to the Future”?
  11. What was the first year of the 19th century?
  12. Who wrote a series of detective books for adults using the pen-name Robert Galbraith?
  13. Which Australian state has the most national parks?
  14. What well-defended country has enough nuclear blast shelters to accommodate 100% of its population?
  15. What type of animals are sometimes called pachyderms?
  16. What country has the highest percentage of redheads?
  17. Where is the Dog On The Tucker Box?
  18. What word originally meant “destroy 10% of” but now often means” destroy a large portion of”?
  19. What sport has “test matches” that can last several days?
  20. What machine did the Germans use to code their messages during WWII?




ANSWERS: 1.The Great Barrier Reef 2.Oceans 11 3.Great Red Spot 4.Clover 5.Pluto 6.Venezuela 7.Great Victoria Desert 8.Cape York 9.The Beatles 10.Marty McFly  11.1801 12.JK Rowling 13.Queensland 14.Switzerland 15.Elephants 16.Ireland 17.Gundagai 18.Decimate 19.Cricket 20.Enigma Machine.