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  1. Who devised the theory of relativity while working as a patent clerk in Bern?
  2. What deadly sin is also known as “jealousy”?
  3. In what month of the year does the Reserve Bank not meet?
  4. In computing, what does CD-ROM stand for?
  5. In aviation, what does the acronym QANTAS stand for?
  6. What is the second letter in the Greek alphabet?
  7. What gland, starting with the letter p, helps regulate human growth?
  8. What is the only country where Kurdish is an official language?
  9. What name in English is equivalent to the Italian name Enrico?
  10. What language does the word “emoji” come from?
  11. What sport did the fictional character Specky Magee excel at?
  12. What bird is depicted on the South Australian flag?
  13. Which of the seven dwarfs has a name that means “shy”?
  14. What British landmark is guarded by the Yeoman Warders, also known as “beefeaters”?
  15. What country was once ruled by Robert the Bruce?
  16. Which brand displays the address 5 Percy St Prospect Australia on many of its products?
  17. What region is known in its own language as Bayern?
  18. What European soccer club has won the most Champions League titles?
  19. Who is the patron saint of romantic love, beekeepers, and epilepsy?
  20. Which team won the 2015 AFL Grand Final?



ANSWERS: 1.Albert Einstein 2.Envy 3.January 4.Compact Disc Read Only Memory 5.Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service 6.Beta 7.Pituitary Gland 8.Iraq 9.Henry 10.Japanese 11.Australian rules football 12.Piping shrike 13.Bashful 14.Tower of London 15.Scotland 16.R M Williams 17.Bavaria 18.Real Madrid 19.St Valentine 20.Hawthorn