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  1. In English, the expression “exampli gratia” is often used. What does it mean?
  2. What is the national anthem of France?
  3. In Australia, what month of the year typically opens ‘swooping season’ for magpies?
  4. Which website’s slogan is ’It’s A Family Thing’?
  5. Which pivotal event happened in England in 1066?
  6. In which country can you find the longest railway tunnel?
  7. Vancouver is located in which province?
  8. Which singer won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016?
  9. How do Japanese call Japan?
  10. Victoria Bitter has a predominantly green can. What colour are Melbourne Bitter cans-predominantly?
  11. Which Australian state capital had teams compete in the 2023 AFL, NRL and AFLW Grand Finals?
  12. Which animal is alphabetically the first?
  13. Germans call it Dackel and they’re sometimes nicknamed Wiener Dog. What animal is it?
  14. What do Americans call crocodiles from Florida?
  15. Which sports drink was named for a Florida sports team?
  16. What is the highway system in the U.S. called?
  17. As of December 2023, how many COVID Premiers remain in Australia from March 2020?
  18. Which brand produced Australia’s most produced beer of 2022?
  19. What’s the largest island in the Caribbean?
  20. What does “Nevada” mean in Spanish?



Answers: 1.For example (e.g.) 2.La Marseillaise 3.August 5.Battle of Hastings 6.Switzerland 7.British Columbia 8.Bob Dylan 9. Nihon/Nippon 10.Red 11.Brisbane 12.Aardvark 13.Dachsund 14.Alligators 15.Gatorade 16.Interstate 17.None 18.Great Northern 19.Cuba 20.Snow covered or snowy