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  1. What is the term for a person who eats no meat except for seafood?
  2. What is the name for a lounge where performers wait before going onstage?
  3. What Barry Manilow song was about a club that was the “hottest spot north of Havana”?
  4. By enrolment numbers what is Australia’s largest university?
  5. In which year was Netflix made available to Australia?
  6. What is German for “good day”?
  7. What is the French word for snail?
  8. What is a polygraph test more commonly known as?
  9. What is the name for water that has been blessed by a priest?
  10. Anthony Field is the longest serving member of which musical group?
  11. From which position in Federal Parliament did Christian Porter stand down in 2021?
  12. Which Australian university is named after the first woman elected to an Australian parliament?
  13. What war was the subject of “The Iliad”?
  14. What country’s official name is the Republic of China?
  15. What country was occupied by Spain, the United States, and Japan before becoming independent?
  16. Who sang “My Way”? (the most famous version)
  17. Who directed the movies “Vertigo” and “The Birds”?
  18. What British territory is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 600 miles east of North Carolina?
  19. Who was Australia’s first Indigenous Australian of the Year?
  20. Which Northern Territory town is named after the wife of Sir Charles Todd?



ANSWERS: 1.Pescetarian 2.Green Room 3.Copacabana 4.Monash University 5.2015 6.Guten tag 7.Escargot 8.Lie detector test 9.Holy water 10.The Wiggles 11.Attorney-General 12.Edith Cowan University 13.Trojan War 14.Taiwan 15.The Philippines 16.Frank Sinatra 17.Alfred Hitchcock 18.Bermuda 19.Lionel Rose 20.Alice Springs