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Annual pay rises for CVC executive staff

cvclogocol-converted   A confidential report regarding ‘contractual conditions of senior staff’ was tabled and unanimously “noted” by councillors at the October 18 Clarence Valley Council meeting. Councillor Karen Toms was absent. The general manager, Scott Greensill, and directors, Ashley Lindsay, Troy Anderson and Des Schroder, each received a 2.5 per cent salary package increase – the GM’s was effective from February 17 this year and the directors’ increases took effect on May 27. Clause 8.5 of their contracts provides that: “On each anniversary of the commencement date, the total remuneration package will be increased by a percentage amount that is equivalent to the latest percentage amount increase in the remuneration for senior executive office holders, as determined by the Statutory and Other Officers Remuneration Tribunal.” According to the council’s 2014/15 annual report (the last published), Mr Greensill’s salary was $228,204 The total value of the salary components of the three directors was $505,691. The total amount payable by the council for the GM and the directors, “by way of the employer’s contribution or salary sacrifice to any superannuation scheme”, was $25,000 and $91,719 respectively. Adding the 2.5 per cent increase brings the GM’s salary package to $259,534; the total amount for the directors is $612,345. It is a requirement of the local government act that the GM “must, at least once annually, report to the council on the contractual conditions of senior staff”.