An open letter to parents


As I talk to members of our community, it is apparent to me that for most of us, life is run at a hectic pace. Sometimes it is hard to fit anything else into our schedules.

However, this week I read an article from ‘Focus on the Family’ about the importance of time.  In the busyness of life, it helped remind me of my other job. My most important job. My role as a parent and the necessity of sharing my time with my children.

As we head towards the next holiday season, I want to remind you to never underestimate your importance in the life of your children. They may not know how to say it (and neither did we at their age) but it doesn’t mean they don’t need it. This excerpt below was taken from an article written by Jim Burns from Focus on the Family website.

Your children regard your presence as a sign of caring and connectedness. Don’t underestimate the positive message you are giving your kids by watching their games, driving them around town and being with them in hundreds of other ways. Your presence gives them a greater sense of security than almost anything else you can offer them. When kids understand that their parents are there for them, they can overcome amazing obstacles to make a positive impact in their world.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems of modern culture is this breathless pace in which we live our lives. Well-meaning families have become overcommitted and underconnected. Families who build a healthy identity are the ones who slow down enough to share enjoyable and meaningful times together. Fifty-two weeks a year of throwing a ball together, taking walks, sharing milkshakes and just being together multiplied over 18 years is a lot of connection time. Those shared times are a deposit into a child’s emotional and spiritual bank account that will pay off in dividends of family intimacy and understanding.

So, enjoy your kids these holidays and look for ways to spend time with them. They are a gift from God!

Scott Logan, Pacific Valley Christian School