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Active Transport Strategy Adopted

The Draft Active Transport Strategy 2024/2044 was back before Council after it was placed on public exhibition in March which saw 33 submissions received during the exhibition period. As a result, several minor amendments were made to the proposed walking and cycling network strategy.
These amendments relate to key footpaths in Lawrence, which have been divided into smaller segments to allow the higher priority footpaths to be delivered in earlier stages, a shared user path has also been included on Micalo Street Iluka, and safety concerns regarding the alignment of the pathway on Yamba Road at the entrance to the fish co-op have also been incorporated.
Councillor Steve Pickering said he’s pleased the strategy had been modified following community consultation.
“Some of the footpaths and connections in Lawrence have increased in priority which is a great thing.
“Without further community consultation those changed may not have occurred.”
The Active Transport Strategy 2024/2044 details Council’s plan to provide more sustainable transport options. It covers upgrades to infrastructure, such as footpaths, shared paths, and bike lanes. The Strategy also provides guidance on policy changes, education, and promotional activities to provide more people the opportunity and freedom to walk and ride a bike.

Source: CV Communications.