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1. Focus on YOU in a mirror not the FIGURE on the Scales. Your weight on the scales is totally the wrong focus to have when you begin any health and fitness journey, focus instead on the image in the mirror, how YOU feel and HOW your clothes are fitting. By changing your view and focusing on all the other benefits exercise gives you, liked increased energy, longer sleep patterns, and improved immunity, longevity and just an overall feeling of improved health and vitality you WILL have a better chance at making NEW habits and sticking to your goals. 2. Don’t overwhelm yourself Start with something small that you can achieve. Whilst it is good to get into an exercise habit, you don’t want to overdo it. When exercise completely takes over the rest of your life you will not enjoy it and simply give up. Over-exercising can also affect getting positive results and lead your body to store fat. It’s important to incorporate a good amount of rest in your fitness routine, so you can reap all the positive benefits from your hard work. 3. Variety is the key It can be very easy to get bored with exercise if you are doing the same thing day in and day out. Download a Program, or ask a Personal Trainer to write a program up for you. Another idea is to jump in a class – Gyms have cardio based, strength based and even yoga to improve your mind and your body. Be Creative and Don’t be afraid to try something NEW. 4. One step at a time and Celebrate Sit down and write out your fitness goals, then break them down into weekly ones. Make sure you review your goals on a regular basis and have a system of giving yourself a reward each time you complete a step. It doesn’t need to cost anything. It could simply be giving you a facial at home, or a manicure. Just make sure you DON’T make the reward food or exercise related. 5. Seek professional help If you are trying to develop your own exercise program or are just simply going from what you have read here and there in fitness magazines or online, it can feel very overwhelming and stressful. To take the stress out of it for you, chat to a Personal Trainer about assistance on programs or simple correcting your technique or even get an online program, where everything is outlined on what and how to do everything. 6. Listen to your body (During Pregnancy and After Birth) The hormone relaxin increases the flexibility of your soft tissues and joints and can remain in the body for up to six months after delivery, making you prone to joint strains or sprains. The hormones produced when breast feeding can also have an effect on your soft tissues which is why it is important to really build up your muscle strength and core stability before you return to high impact exercise. Ensure if attending Group Fitness Classes you let the instructor know you have recently given birth and if there is any tips they can give you for the class. 7. Inner Peace Make sure you have 10mins to yourself a day. NO Phones, NO Loud noises NOTHING. It is really important you find time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. Did you know that this small little trick can help your immune, digestive system recover and allow your body to reset and readjust. Melanie – Yamba 247 Health and Fitness