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2022: What does the community want?

Emma Pritchard

As another year begins, the Clarence Valley Independent hit the streets and spoke with several locals to ask them what they would like to see happen throughout their community in 2022…

Shayna Barnes: I’d like to see more productivity by council to keep Grafton, especially the main street and the surrounding areas, a lot tidier. There’s so much broken glass and rubbish in the gutters, it’s a bad look. Public bins are also full to overflowing most of the time. If we want to attract more tourists, we need to keep our streets clean.

Danika Cooper: More outdoor activities for our youths would be great. Maybe local sports organisations could get together and create more weekend and after school activities for kids of all ages? I think we need to provide more opportunities to help our youths feel more involved in their community.

Jorjia Kendall: We as a community need to do more together to stop mining in our Clarence Valley. We are privileged to live in a wilderness unlike any other, and we must protect it. There are local farmers and industries which rely on the pristine resources our natural waterways provide, because healthy rivers equal healthy lives. Mining threatens our beautiful ecosystem. Together, we need to stand firm and say no to mining.

David Phelps: I want to see council deliver on their promise of annual programs aimed at community engagement throughout the Clarence Valley. I want to see their executive team engage with people. New candidates have been elected by us, and now it’s up to them to show us why we voted for them.

Andrew Martin: I want to see more CCTV in the Grafton and South Grafton CBD. Either that or more regular police patrols. I’m sick of seeing kids wandering around late at night. They need to be discouraged from hanging around the streets because you don’t know what they might get up to. 

Sienna Larkin-Brown: A lot of our parks and outdoor facilities could be better maintained. I’ve previously found used syringes in public toilets and sinks when I’ve gone in with my four-year-old. It’s disgusting, and it’s a serious health hazard, especially when these items could be touched by kids. More needs to be done to keep our parks safe for our kids. Maybe more police patrols or CCTV would prevent that sort of stuff from happening.

Jenna Jenkinson: I think we should be utilising our beautiful river a lot more. I think we should have more river tours available in Grafton and Maclean. It’d be a great attraction for locals and for visitors too. The whole community could benefit from it.

Gregory Frankston: Nose-in parking would be a great addition to the Grafton CBD. Council trialled it during the first half of last year and I think it was one of the best things they’ve done. As an older pedestrian, I felt safer walking past cars as they pulled in instead of reversing into a parking space. I don’t walk too quick, and if drivers can see pedestrians on the footpath when they’re parking, it keeps everyone safe.

Allira Snowden: I want people to be nicer to each other. Too many people are saying bad things and I want everyone to be kind.

Xavier Marshall: I’d like to see more being done to promote our local beaches, especially the smaller beaches at Wooli and Minnie Water. I think they tend to miss out on drawing crowds because everyone wants to go to Yamba. More visitors to the small beaches would help the little communities along the coast.