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ABOVE: District Open Pairs Winners J.Pugh and D.Lawson with Life Member E. McLennan.

2016 CRDWBA Annual Presentation Day

ABOVE: District Open Pairs Winners J.Pugh and D.Lawson with Life Member E. McLennan.
ABOVE: District Open Pairs Winners J.Pugh and D.Lawson with Life Member E. McLennan.


CRDWBA Presentation Day was held at the Grafton District Services Club on Thursday, August 11, where 39 members from five of the District Clubs and members of the newly elected District Committee gathered to congratulate this year’s championship winners.
Grafton District Services Club president Dawn Lawson welcomed everyone and introduced the new District president Alma Bowling (a member of her own club) before handing the club and its facilities to the District for the day
President Alma also welcomed the ladies and introduced special guests Life Member, Esme McLennan and Patron, Shirley Drum before inviting all to morning tea after which the cards were read and the players made their way outside to a lovely sunny day where fun and frivolity presided over the greens.
After play, players returned to the club’s function room for an excellent lunch, with president Alma congratulating the kitchen staff.
The raffles and 100 club were duly drawn also the lucky teams
District Patron Shirley Drum congratulated the District on an excellent and enjoyable day but said she was a little disappointed in the representation from the various clubs in this year’s Presentation Day as she felt it was quite an achievement for players to win a District Championship and therefore should be congratulated.
Lucky team No 21: D Forder, C Byrum and D Lawson.
Lucky team No 46: S Richards, L McKay, P Lollback and M Conlan.
Lucky team No 19: N Mawhirt, J Abbott and V Daniels.
District President Alma then congratulated the District Championship winners and runners up before presenting them with their badges and awards.
CRDWBA Championship winners
Senior Fours: J Pugh, D Lawson, A Williams and B Murray (Grafton District Services); runners up – J McWaters, M Buckley, A Bowling and L Demmery (Grafton District Services).
Open Fours: L Rae, M Ryan, C Byrum and J Hannah (Maclean WBC); runners up – C Aitchison, J Abbot, R McPherson and M Thompson (Yamba WBC).
Triples: P Lollback, H Nichols and C Nixon (South Grafton WBC); runners up – M Caldwell, S O’Neill and E Karstens (Iluka WBC).
Senior Pairs: M Andrews and E McKew (South Grafton WBC); runners up – A Williams and B Murray (Grafton District Services WBC).
Open Pairs: J Pugh and D Lawson (Grafton District Services WBC); runners up – C Johnston and C Shannon (Maclean WBC).
Singles: C Nixon (South Grafton WBC); runner up – W Ballantyne (Yamba WBC).
Mixed Pairs: A Abbott and C Aitchison (Yamba); runner up – S Ferro and K Wells (Maclean).
Shirley Woodward