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Sub-branch accepts offer to buy Maclean Services Club

The Maclean RSL Sub-branch has voted to accept an offer to purchase the Maclean Services Club.

The sub-branch put the building on the market following a vote in April 2019 – 78 per cent of members present at that meeting voted in favour of selling the building.

Prior to the vote being taken, the sale was the subject of a dispute between the services club and the sub-branch.

On May 22, RSL NSW’s chief executive officer, Jonathan Black, issued two statements, regarding disputes between the Maclean Services Club (MSC) and the Maclean RSL Sub-branch.

The sub-branch’s president, Steven Walton, said: “Members were asked via a postal vote to accept or reject the current offer for the sub-branch’s premises.

“Votes remained sealed until they were opened and counted in the presence of an independent JP.

“One hundred and fourteen members were entitled to vote, and 99 votes were received by close of voting on May 29.

“Eighty-nine members voted to accept and 10 voted to reject the offer.”


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