You continually astonish us!

Dear Ed,

An open letter to Clarence Valley Councillors:

Pardon our stupidity for not commenting before, but we didn’t think we would need to, as it is pretty obvious that the community would not want you Councillors to spend roughly $7 million refurbishing a building in current circumstances.

We belong to a Think Tank of Lower Clarence residents……..retired doctors, nurses, teachers, business owners, politicians who have discussed this issue and are horrified that you would even consider doing this at this time.

Where is your concern for carrying out the truth? You all promised no rate rises, but what did we get?….Major rate rises!

You promised the rate rises would be spent on road works, but what do we get……$7 million spent on a mausoleum edifice to your ability to spend!
What have you done for businesses in this Covid-19 episode? Offer them business advice…well done! 

Who would take business advice from an agency whose every major project has run significantly over budget?

How can you offer business advice to business who are taking $9 per day?

How can you offer business advice to self-funded retirees whose tenants are telling them they can’t pay the rent?

Why don’t you offer $7 million relief for property owners instead of spending the money now?

You people are so out of touch with what is happening in your own community, you should resign immediately.

You continually astonish us. Congratulations, you have done it again.

PS: We believe Councillor Clancy voted against this?

Denise and Geoff Worrill, Maclean