Yamba Tramps golf

Sunday January 16

The Tramps went out on Sunday in what can only be described as tropical conditions following the storms and rain the night before. The heavy rainfall from the night before added the unexpected challenge of a large number on newly installed and strategically positioned water hazards on most of the fairways.

This week it was our visitor Paul McPhee, who’s game went to schedule as he delivered a great performance and is on track for a significant reduction in handicap following the win. The runner up spot went to Tony Berger. In what turned out to be a McPhee fest, Ben McPhee (Paul’s son) constructed a great round that went to plan as he convincingly took out The Tramps Trophy.

The NTP’s were a display of Umbilical Brothers dominance as the 10th went to Tony Berger, 12th to Pete Berger and Stuart McLennan spoilt the run by taking the 17th. Proving that the “Whinge & Win” philosophy has substance, Fred Cowan took out the raffle.

Front nine next week.

Al Bruchert