We will be there for them


Your paper claims to be “Independent”. But I was shocked saddened and angry at your front-page headline (18/10/23), virtually “bragging” that the Clarence had a bigger “No vote” than the Australian average. What did you think that was going to prove or how did you think that would impact on our local Indigenous citizens and their children.

These people brought this idea forward after years of consultation and trial and came forward with genuine goodwill asking for very little. They were not  met with guns but words and disingenuous arguments, untruths about land grabs, scare tactics that is was “risky”, manipulated videos of  e.g. Albanese saying the exact opposite of what I had just heard him say in a TV interview, and a 10 point pamphlet put out (was it from his Electorate budget?) by Keving Hogan  that was ill-informed and based on fear of “what might happen” and attacking “activists” as if they were terrorists.  Really!

I believe that Mr Hogan did not even meet with Indigenous Elders at all before making up his mind about this. So much for representing the interests of local people and at least finding out what they are thinking -minorities or otherwise- and maybe learn something new.

So, it might have been more thoughtful to have modified your headline and also wait to talk to some of the indigenous leaders about their thoughts too and take a long hard look at your “independent” editorial policy.

A large group met with Aunty Lenore and Yaegl elders and Yes supporters on the weekend (following) to share their disappointment and wrap their arms around those good people in their grief and sadness at the rejection. We will be there for them.

Prue Leggoe, Maclean (a proud activist)