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Update on bridge replacement works

Reconstruction of Chevalleys Bridge (pictured) on Coaldale Road is complete. This project was funded through the Fixing Country Bridges and Natural Disaster Essential Public Asset Restoration programs after the bridge was severely damaged in the 2019 bushfires.
Clarence Valley Council (CVC) have thanked residents for their patience. Work was delayed several times due to floods with the side track requiring reconstruction each time.
Work will commence in early June on replacement of Coutts Crossing Bridges No.1 and No.2 on Armidale Road as part of the Fixing Country Bridges program.
A temporary side track bridge will be constructed to allow traffic to be diverted around the construction site.
Work is expected to take approximately five months to complete, after which time Skinners Swamp Bridge and Koukandowie Bridge No.2 will be replaced.

CVC has received funding to carry out preliminary investigations for the replacement of Wilcox Bridge, Swan Creek, which was washed away during the March floods.
Council have engaged a consultant to carry out geotechnical investigations, engineering survey and hydrological study, and prepare a concept design and cost estimate for replacement of the bridge. The repairs will take some time and CVC again have thanked the community for their patience.