Trade agreements

Ed, Past trade agreements such as the deal on trade with America caused our industry base to collapse as proven and advertised during the week, with 90% Australia’s industries having disappeared to overseas countries, causing a lot of damage to the future generations. Will the new free trade agreement with China cost Australian workers the loss of more jobs. America has refused to sign this Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement as it would have been detrimental to American industry and its workers. We should look more closely at this trade deal, especially the fine print, judging by past trade deals made during the Howard/Costello era. This new deal could be as damaging if it is true that the Chinese can bring in semi-skilled workers and disobey all standards of OH&S safety clauses and the camouflaging of wages and conditions. Every second week we hear about companies who are exploiting their workers with low pay and poor working conditions. I have yet to find a company that has been penalised for breaking the law. Charles Lincoln, Gulmarrad