The same thing is happening here!


I have been reading the Clarence Valley Independent‘s coverage of your urban based Government’s decision to shut down the 144-year-old Ulmarra – Southgate ferry service.

Why? Because the same thing is happening in my regional city of Devonport. Our Spirit of Devonport, a tiny ferry service that historically linked both sides of our city for 160 years, has now been sunk.

The same excuses were used: the current vessel is too old, there are not enough passengers, it is too expensive; people can just burn fuel and take the massive detour to the nearest bridge.

Here in Devonport, we have not given up and we never will, it’s part of our heritage, it provides a sense of belonging and is far too important to simply sink it because of economics. Don’t let that happen to your ferry service!

I encourage Clarence Valley residents to fully support those standing up to save the service and to continue hammering your State Government.

Common sense will eventually prevail. It just takes a while.

Here in Tassie, we are building a fleet of new ferries for Sydney. We’d love to add an extra little one for regional NSW.

Good luck.


Steve Martin

Councillor, City of Devonport, Tasmania