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The Angel 80 tops the T/R shoot again!

It was Dennis Hilton, Ian Griffiths and Peter Brown who came up with all the V’s [centre bulls] in the Target Rifle competition at 500 yards, but Nick Abrahall and his Angel 80 cleared away to take the Elgas Off-Rifle match by two points. Conditions were quite testing on the day with the fluctuating westerly breeze keeping everyone on their collective toes. Nevertheless there were three very nice single stage possibles carded, with one each going to Ian Griffiths and Nick Abrahall in T/R, and one to Nick DeBellis in the F-Class division.
So, in T/R, it was Nick Abrahall on top in the Off-Rifle Honours, but he was clearly swamped in the Daily Aggregate by John Stone. John has his new sight system zeroed in and is continuing his charge up the rankings.
In F-Class, it was Nick DeBellis, who after starting strongly in his first stage, came home with that magnificent 60/60 with eight X’s right in the centre to edge out John Black and David Grundy for the Off-Rifle Honours in F-Class. But once again it was not good enough to claim the Daily Aggregate Trophy, after Allan Johnson with his newly stoked-up loads cleared away to break handicap by six points and put the matter beyond the reach of the rest of the field.
The 500 yard shoot was the fourth and final round of the Winter Cup monthly trophy and in both divisions the final outcome went right down to the wire. In T/R Ian Griffiths pipped John Stone by half a point with Nick Abrahall and Peter Brown filling the next two spots, while in the F-Class John Black had just enough in reserve to keep out a strong finishing David Grundy [by one point] with Nick DeBellis and John Robertson close behind.
T/R Scores on the day:- John Stone 48-4 47-2 95-6 7.0 102.0; Nick Abrahall 50-4 49-3 99-7 0.0 99.0; Peter Brown 49-2 48-7 97-9 1.5 98.5; Ian Griffiths 50-6 47-4 97-10 0.5 97.5; Dennis Hilton 48-6 47-5 95-11 0.0 95.0; Tony O’Keeffe 45-2 44-1 89-3 2.0 91.0
F-Class Scores:- Allan Johnson 56-0 54-1 110-1 16.0 126.0; Nick DeBellis 57-3 60-8 117-11 5.5 122.5; David Grundy 57-4 58-2 115-6 3.0 118.0; John Black 59-6 57-4 116-10 1.5 117.5; Wayne Pearson 53-2 55-2 108-4 7.5 115-5; John Robertson 54-2 53-2 107-4 8.0 115.0; Peter Nielsen 54-1 53-1 107-2 8.0 115.0; Mark Millard 54-2 53-0 107-2 5.5 112.5; Ian Nelson 41-0 44-1 85-1 20.0 105.0
Next week the shoot will be from the 600 yard mound for the first stage of the Spring Cup which will be shot over the 6, 7, 8 and 900 yard distances. This competition commences at 1pm. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. Visitors and new members are always welcome.