Stand and deliver

Much like the namesake of his longstanding group, The Whitlams, Tim Freedman has vowed to stand and deliver some of his new songs among known favourites like No Aphrodisiac, Blow Up the Pokies and Buy Now and Pay Later.

Freedman has been talking about impending new songs for years; now he has put it in writing that he will perform some new material in his solo tour, which touches down at the Maclean Bowling Club on Sunday November 15.

And, he says, he is “prepared to be run out of town if he doesn’t deliver”.

“Hopefully the new songs aren’t too successful though, otherwise I’ll earn too much to retain my franking credits,” he says.

“Unfortunately, like everyone else in the world, I just had to express myself.”

Freedman’s solo performances are a mixture of charming cynicism and delicate piano and have become as popular as his four-piece band shows.

The Whitlams’ success has always been about the emotional core of his songs and, when the rock adornments are removed and the band left at home, that core is laid bare in the intimate atmosphere of a piano bar.

The last few years have seen the band play their ‘best of’ show with every state orchestra around the country, including seven nights with the Sydney Symphony at the Sydney Opera House.

Their 1997 album, Eternal Nightcap, was recently voted No. 17 in the Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time on Triple J.

Local self-described alt country artist Rob Imeson is playing the support slot.

Tickets are on sale at the club or through trybooking.com.au.