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Des Harvey from the Rotary Club of Grafton Midday with one of the six new life saving defibrillators which they have installed within the Grafton CBD; this one is located outside the Clocktower Hotel, in Grafton. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Six new defibrillators in Grafton CBD

Lynne Mowbray|

The Grafton CBD has recently seen the installation of six new defibrillators, thanks to the Rotary Club of Grafton Midday.

Spokesperson for the club Des Harvey said that they received a grant of $22,000 which gave them enough money for the six defibrillators.

“They have been fitted at the Christchurch Cathedral, the Friendlies Pharmacy (Prince Street), L J Hookers (Prince Street), Mid City Arcade, Clarence Valley Wholesalers and the Clocktower Hotel.

“They’ve all been located on the street, where they are accessible 24/7.

“The next objective for the Rotary Club of Grafton Midday is (to raise money to install these machines in) South Grafton – we just didn’t have enough money to cover everywhere (this time).

“There will be signages that are going to be erected, as I believe are already in Yamba saying ‘Defibrillator 50 metres – this way’ etc, which Council will be installing for us.

“The information (regarding the location of each defibrillator) has to get out there and has to be very easily available,” he said.

Mr Harvey said the newly placed lifesaving machines are really an important facility for the community.

“We all hope that we never have to need one, but statistics are that people do need them,” he said.