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Simon Cook takes Coutts Croquet title

Simon Cook is Coutts Crossing Association Croquet Champion for 2017. This handicap event came to a thrilling finish. In the penultimate game Sue Deeth (receiving 8 bisques) beat previously unbeaten favourite Peter Deeth with the last hits of the game. It left Simon Cook (rec 10) in the final match the task of first defeating, and then scoring 16 hoops to defeat Peter Martin. He won by 18-9 with only minutes remaining. It was a well deserved win for the in-form player. He wins the Coutts Crossing Crystal Plate. Earlier in the Championship it was a Good Friday for the Deeths. Peter (receiving 2 bisques) defeated Graham Wilson 18-14, despite a 6 hoop turn by Graham. In a thrilling match Sue Deeth (rec 14) got in front of Peter Martin for the first time with a 3 hoop turn using the last of her bisques after the buzzer and leaving Peter with a very long roquet. She won 15-14. Easter Sunday was dominated by skillful defensive play, with the exception of Graham Wilson. He received 6 bisques but put on a master class beating Peter Martin 22-9. Peter Deeth just defeated Gillian Martin (rec 4) 9-7 and Simon Cook beat Sue Deeth ( rec 4) 12-6. Most improved player of the month is teenager Kiara Berger whose game has recently improved significantly. There were 14 players on Maundy Thursday. Phyl Harrison and Bill Gauci shared the best record. Close behind was Kiara Berger. Pam Gauci and Frank Mack played well, but Cave Steiner had a frustrating day until the last hit of the last match when she ran a long hoop for victory. Saturday saw a small group. Rusty Case hit her first ever jump shot, which may have been intentional. Helen Hernshaw had her first victory,which was definitely intentional. Easter Monday brought out a crowd. Joy Campbell and Phyl Harrison had the best records by far. Cave Steiner and Abbie Ellis ran long hoops and won boxes of chocolates. The morning was notable for the first use of our new lawn. It is not yet fit for matches, but fine for coaching. Our certified coach launched the series of training modules expected to improve everyone’s performance. Peter Martin