Roundabouts and Nymboida


I congratulate the Independent for expansively facilitating public opinion in print.

On most aspects but not all, I agree with the letter from Joe Dimauro, (CVI 11/3/20), and wish to add a corollary to his comments.

Unfortunately it is apparent the roundabouts/ traffic lights debate has to be kept alive at least until the September LGC elections. In respect to Cr Baker and the tired iteration on carbon footprint, I am studying a Post Grad Diploma in Energy & Carbon Studies with a specific unit in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent [GHGe] calculations; and my take on the this issue for GHGe emissions is that Cr Baker is not just untenable, he simply hasn’t a feather to fly with. Any reasonable and considered take on this is that his commentary can only be considered gratuitous and unworthy of his position as a councillor. One can only speculate on his motives in the face of common sense.

On the CVC Nymboida proposed reopening of the hydroelectric power station, three key points must be considered, each of which will have been addressed in the GH&D consult. These are first:- economic viability, second:- environmental outcomes, both positive in reduction of CVC carbon footprint and any offsets in dynamic river flow and other adverse environmental impact. Third:- competency of CVC [without disrespect to all the aspects of local government that they do very well] to operate a small power station in isolation. I call upon the CVC to place the GH&D report into the public domain.

Pre-empting a standard response that commercial-in-confidence aspects would prejudice or harm the contingent project, I would suggest that transparency  & public scrutiny is of overwhelming  importance. I cite the example of the Planit consult report for the Yamba Road and Treeland Drive adding value to the debate.

Geoff Little, Wooloweyah