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Ride commemorates Beersheba

Riders taking part in the three day commemoration ride in honour of Harry Chauvel, who was the Commander behind the famous Charge of the Light Brigade 100 years ago, end their journey at Copmanhurst on Friday. See story on page 3. Image: Courtesy Margaret Hodgson.


Lynne Mowbray

The Grafton RSL Sub branch Beersheba Memorial ride 2017 from Tabulam to Copmanhurst, took place last week in honour of Harry Chauvel, who was the Commander behind the famous Charge of the Light Brigade 100 years ago.

The event kicked off on Tuesday afternoon with a remembrance service, which was held at the Chauvel Memorial, in Tabulam.
Over 100 riders took part in the three day event which ended in Copmanhurst on Friday afternoon.
Member of the subcommittee Ted Brown was one of the organisers (in charge of the horses and riders) of last week’s commemorative event.

Mr Brown, whose father was a member of the Light horse in WWII before joining the infantry in the Middle East and New Guinea, said that a large number of those taking part in the event, would have had family who were involved in either the first or second World Wars.

“Those taking part were all there for the right reasons,” Mr Brown said.
“They were there to honour those who were in the charge at Beersheba.”
Mr Brown who was raised at Copmanhurst and worked at Ramornie Station (as did his father, grandfather and great-grandfather) has a good knowledge of horsemanship.
“I’ve bred horses that go back to my grandfather,” Mr Brown said.
“The Australian stockhorses would have to be some of the toughest in the world and are good and strong, with plenty of endurance.
“Those horses (in the Charge of the Light Brigade 100 years ago) went 24 hours without water. That proves that they were as good as you get,” he said.
Mr Brown said that riders ranged in age from 16, to riders in their 70’s and 80’s.
“Reg McLennan who was 81, rode all the way,” said Mr Brown.
“Another rider, Tammy Elks of Upper Fine Flower; her great-grandfather was in that Charge (of the Light Brigade).
“Events such as this have to be kept alive.”

The Grafton RSL Sub branch committee would like to thank: the Tabulam committee – Janet Flanagan and Ross Wilkinson, the Tabulam Lions Club, Mr and Mrs Myer owners of Yulgilbar Station and Station managers Rob and Lorraine Sinnamon, John and Brenda Sullivan owners of Gordon Brook Station, Baryulgil Camp draft committee [who catered for the riders at Gordon Brook], Marcus Chad, owner of Wrest Point Hotel, Copmanhurst and Copmanhurst Fishing Club [who catered for the riders at Copmanhurst] and all those who came out to support us at Tabulam and Copmanhurst.

Neil Hinze from Stockyard Creek, leading ‘Pedro’ the pack mule. Pedro is carrying an original WW1 pack saddle while the horse ‘Smokey’, is wearing an original WW1 bit. Image: Courtesy Margaret Hodgson.