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Reinventing the Maclean cane harvest festival

Geoff Helisma|

In the past the Maclean harvest festival rivalled the Maclean Highland Gathering for festive activities in the town – now, with fond memories of those days in mind, a rebadged Maclean Harvest and Industry Festival is set to take place on August 21 and 22, 2020.

On October 8, organisers are holding the last of several public meetings at the Maclean Services Club from 6pm.

Coordinator Corinne Smythe said a committee will be formed at the meeting.

“Roles will be allocated in relation to the program, which is still under design,” she said.

“And we are definitely looking for volunteers, too.”

She said, once the committee is formed, those who took on specific roles would form teams made up of volunteers.

“People, who want to be the workers but not attend committee meetings, will receive delegated roles from the leaders of each part,” she said.

She said expanding the festival to include other Lower Clarence industries such as fishing and macadamias, along with standalone industries such as Botero Coffee in Maclean and the Sanctus Brewing Company at Townsend, was a way to “celebrate all the industry achievements in the area”.

“My big thing is to make sure there’s something for everybody, to cover all age groups and be a festival for everyone,” Ms Smythe said.

“I would like Maclean business owners to think about how they can leverage off this at a tourism level.”

Ms Smythe said she encouraged younger people to get involved so they could participate in shaping the festival and join the “very enthusiastic” people who have come forward so far.

For more information go to the Maclean Harvest and Industries Festival Facebook page or email to [email protected].