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Purr-fect reward for pet adopters

If you are a kind enough to adopt an abandoned puppy or kitten, you should not be slugged with a tax for it, according to Clarence Nationals MP Chris Gulaptis.

“So the Nationals in NSW Government are doing away with pet registration fees for people who adopt a rescue pet from council pounds and animal shelters,” Mr Gulaptis said.

‘It is about encouraging prospective pet owners to ‘adopt not shop’ for a dog or cat.  People can still buy a pet but they will have to pay the lifetime registration fee of $56 for a desexed cat, $66 for a desexed dog or considerably more if the animal is not neutered.”

Mr Gulaptis said all pets still needed to be registered.

“This can be done online at peterigstry.nsw.gov.au or in person at your local council office,” Mr Gulaptis said.

Pet registration fees go directly to the Companion Animals Fund which pays for companion animal management by local councils including pounds/shelters, ranger services, dog recreation areas, and education and awareness programs.