Problem solved – Nick pulls out the Angel 80!

Capture   After six months of struggling to maintain his usual top-class form, club champion for past seasons, Nick Abrahall is convinced at last, that his old tried and true has finally given up the ghost. So this week he pulled out the back-up Angel 80 and set about shooting some central bulls again. The shoot was at 900 yards and the conditions were not easy, still Nick topped the centre [V] count for the first time in many shoots after bagging a full dozen of them. In warm conditions with a fluky north westerly breeze taking its toll, the scores were definitely below par on average, but still there were three Target Rifle shooters who managed to come up with the full 50/50 in their second stages. Luke Bloomer had the best with his 50-7 with Ian Griffiths and Andrew Geary close behind. If the T/R mob were having their difficulties, spare a thought for the F-Class crew who were even more wind affected, with scores falling three to four points below normal. Still there was a 58/60 from Dave Grundy and also from Dennis Hilton who was giving his open class rifle a run. It’s always hard to beat “consistency” and it was Mr Consistency himself, John Black who just managed to ease out Dennis Hilton and David Grundy for the Off-Rifle Honours in this division, with David Grundy just pipping John Bloomer for the Daily Aggregate. In the T/R division the Elgas Top Off-Rifle trophy came down to a three way count back which saw Peter Brown count out Ian Griffiths by one V-Bull with Andrew Geary close behind in third spot. But when it came to the Daily Aggregate it was Ian Griffiths who just managed to count out Peter Brown, with Andrew Geary having to settle for third spot once again. With the 900 yard leg of the Winter Cup Trophy out of the way, shooting returns next week to 300 yards for the second stage, commencing at 1pm. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Anthony O’Keeffe