Over spending leaves debt

Ed, A long term financial consequence has occurred for people of the Clarence Valley, when five Councillors voted to increase our already excessive rates by 37% over 5 years. The residents in Page electorate are among the lowest income earners in Australia. Yet, we presently lie in the elite 33% highest rates in NSW, with additional increases this position will climb, and why? The CVC has a well-documented record of excessive waste of our funds, in addition we’re paying a massive $150million debt Council already owe, this equates to $3,000 for every person in the Clarence Valley. Most of these loans have occurred after amalgamation over the last eight years. Has CVC over capitalized on infrastructure all in the name of future growth? How can we ever expect to obtain any level of future growth with such a high cost to reside in our local government area? When CVC rates are consistently rising, coupled with their thirst to excessively charge on fees and services? Won’t this formula of excessive rates, service and fee charges have a disturbing impact for further investment on business and residential development and also have a financial consequence for businesses when residents have less money to spend in our local economy? How will this council strategy further promote growth long term? When people are contemplating an area in Australia to live or invest, they have a multitude of choices to consider, such as position, life style and most importantly the financial costs related to that area. What position would our area hold in people’s minds after considering our outlandish council costs, ask yourself this question, would their favoured destination be the Clarence Valley? On conclusion, has our well-oiled machine the CVC, put the cart before the horse, when they over capitalized on infrastructure, before gaining the required growth to help fund this massive debt. Gordon Smith, Grafton