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Our second week into our very different new world

The team at the Independent have gone through some very strange events over the past two weeks…arriving at the office on Wednesday mornings and not seeing the hustle and bustle from our distribution crew, madly working to make sure the Independent is delivered to your door…inserted, wrapped and packed.

It has been very sad times for many of our staff who have worked tirelessly for years to get the local and community news out…..the deadlines, the laughter, the tears and the tantrums have been part of the weekly shenanigans within our team, and for now all is silent.

This event (coronavirus) has affected all of us, especially our business owners with closures, standing down of staff and major economic disruption; things never experienced in our lifetime.

WE hope everyone is managing okay, we hope people are looking after the vulnerable, the neighbours and the elderly, and we guess with a lot of luck and tenacity, we will see you on the other side.

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The Independent management and staff..