Our future housing needs


It’s great to see our Independent newspaper giving coverage to Greens NSW Senate Candidate David Shoebridge and Greens candidate for Page Kashmir Miller to enable them to promote the Greens’ plan to build thousands of public and social homes in Lismore and the Northern Rivers. 

So many young people in Page and the Northern Rivers are looking for their first home and so many thousands of our residents have had their homes destroyed in recent extreme flooding events. 

Another article in this week’s Independent noted that recent, local rainfall has been 73% above the 1974 flood event, unprecedented rainfall,never before recorded since rainfall records began in 1877.

This is climate change here and now with today’s 1 degree of global warming and 7% more moisture in the atmosphere than is normal.

I commend the Greens for their plan to build thousands of much needed public and social homes in our region. But the question is this. Will our new local council, our State government and our new Federal government start to cooperate and stand up for those who voted them into office?

If those we elect do listen to “we, the people” our politicians will ensure that thousands of new homes will be only built on floodplain areas declared fit for human habitation. Then there will be “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!” to both build the homes our communities need and to reforest those floodplain areas that are no longer fit for human habitation.

Then those who are urgent need of housing will be in a better position and we will know we have elected politicians who value their children and grandchildren as much as they value themselves.  

So, who will you vote for?

Harry Johnson, Iluka