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Osprey RSL Day Club

We are so sorry to close our club down until further advice. Leanne received a directive from head office insisting that we, and every other Day Club in the country cease operations until it is deemed safe to continue. I know how you all must be feeling given the moans and groans we heard when we closed for six weeks at Christmas time. Well you survived those six weeks, and you will survive this sad but essential closure too. Please know these measures are in your best interest, and you MUST observe and practice all the safety precautions that are now in place.

Leanne would like to advise you all that we are still here to help you in anyway possible. If you have a need of any kind please ring Leanne or Bev and they will implement a plan to assist. All the volunteers are on stand-by should they be required.

Please continue to do your exercises….and not just the easy ones. All the breathing ones are extremely important. Do the stretches and leg exercises whilst you are boiling the kettle and hold on to the bench.

I have a suggestion that may fill in quite a bit of time. In this down time of isolation, it would be a wonderful opportunity to write a brief life history, or a poem, or a short story that you could share with us when we return to normality. You have all had such interesting lives and witnessed huge changes (some good, some bad), as the world has evolved into the crazy place it is at this moment. It is always fascinating  to hear how people coped during and after the war, the depression, your parents, your achievements, your struggles, your beautiful children and grandchildren. We would be honoured to hear your story.

On a less serious note, I thought I might have taken you in small groups down to the park for a good old laughing session. There is nothing funnier than a group of like minded jovial people following each other around trees and bushes laughing hysterically at nothing. In eight weeks time I mightn’t have to make you laugh at all….everything could be hysterically funny! You would be very glad that you did your pelvic floor exercises so religiously. As I keep telling you… laughter is the best medicine, so keep laughing.

Do keep an eye on your letterbox as we intend to drop off a letter or two. Also I have it on good authority that Leanne has contacted the Easter bunny so he could come hopping along too.

I will from time to time write a news update, and I will ensure you are advised of a return date.

Stay safe everyone. Much love to you all. Leanne is available on 0413 101 518.

Sue Gunning