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Osprey RSL Day Club

My goodness Christmas is fast approaching and we have only three more weeks until our break-up party on December 13. It has been a wonderful year, but it’s not over yet by a long shot. The volunteers are forging ahead with super plans to make that day extra special for everyone. So get your party gear ready, and don’t forget your dancing shoes as we have live music planned.

Leanne took the opportunity last week to present volunteers with their respective badges, and to thank each of us with a delightful certificate of appreciation. Phil CEO of the Bowling Club and Craig our chef extraordinaire were presented with a thank you gift each for going above and beyond to make Osprey function so smoothly. It is because we have such a wonderful working relationship with them, that we have such a successful club.

We were so sorry to learn Col has been in hospital again. We missed you my darling, so take great care, and we look forward to seeing your smiley face next week.

I am so impressed with my exercise under-study! If you didn’t get a good belly laugh at Peg’s comic routine then you weren’t paying attention. Once a school teacher, always a school teacher. Her deadpan approach was fabulous…and I am now certain she can count to four. If your leg and arm muscles didn’t get their usual workout, your facial muscles of which there are many, certainly did. It was a hoot Peg.

Bev brought along her son Peter to join us for the day and he was an absolute delight and joined in the activities so well. During the exercises (which already had everyone in stitches), Peter very cleverly wrapped his left leg around his neck! Quite a supple lad. Thanks for being such a good sport Peter, we loved having you on board.

All our love and thoughts are with Bev D as she grieves the passing of her precious mother aged 101. We all love you dearly Bev and are thinking of you, Terry and your family. God bless.

I won the lucky door prize this week and of course I chose the wine. Chocolates are fattening! Shirley and Helena won the $20 Coles shopping vouchers.

Contact Leanne for information on 0413 101 518.

Sue Gunning