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Newly elected Councillors for the Clarence Valley officially welcomed

Acting General Manager Laura Black has welcomed the successful candidates to office following the December 4 local government elections.

Ms Black said she was looking forward to starting 2022 afresh with the new Council to set the strategic direction and meet the aspirations of the Clarence Valley community.

The election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will take place at an Extraordinary Meeting on Tuesday, 11 January 2022 when the Councilors are sworn into office.

Councillors will also be participating in a comprehensive induction program, which has been developed in line with the Office of Local Government Guidelines, to prepare them for the rigours of the role.

This term of council is much shorter than usual, being 2 years and 8 months due to the rescheduling of the 2020 election.

Nine new Councillors have officially been voted into public office to represent the people of the Clarence Valley.

The results have returned three representatives from the previous term to Council.

Candidates elected to Council by a sequence of elections are:

• Jeff Smith
• Debrah Novak *
• Ian Tiley
• Allison Whaite
• Bill Day
• Greg Clancy *
• Peter Johnstone
• Karen Toms *
• Steve Pickering
(*returning from previous term)

A total of 33,019 ballots were counted in the Clarence Valley, representing an 85.67% turnout, with an informal vote of 7.14% recorded.

For full details on the results of the election in the Clarence Valley, visit the NSW Electoral website.