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Move over men… there’s women in the shed

This happy group of ladies from the Women’s Shed at Townsend, display some of the items which they have made at the shed. Image: Lynne Mowbray
Lynne Mowbray Sorry fellas, but the ‘Mens Shed’ at Townsend is not just for the blokes. Every Friday around 20 ladies pick up their tools and head into the shed. Around five years ago Doreen Plymin said that she kicked off the ‘Women’s Shed’ for the ladies. “A lot of people have heard of the Men’s Shed but no one seems to have heard about the Women’s Shed,” said Ms Plymin. “We want to get the word out there that this is a good outlet for the ladies too. “Some ladies have lost partners and some have never picked up a hammer before in their life. “The first thing we get the ladies to make is a wooden tool box. This gives them all the basics, in wood work; measuring, cutting, gluing and nailing. “When they see what they can create, it encourages them to go on to bigger and better things,” she said. Ms Plymin said that one lady has even created a couch out of bed ends. So ladies, if you’re interested in making your own furniture why not come along and join in the fun, with this happy and friendly group. The cost is $5 which includes morning tea. Members must be over 50 and must be a member of the U3A group. For more information about the Women’s Shed contact Doreen Plymin on 0423 632 404.