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Container scheme roll-out a mystery

Geoff Helisma

The NSW Container Scheme is due to start on December 1, however, the Environment and Protection Authority (EPA) could not tell the Independent where ‘Return and Earn’ collection points will be located in the Clarence Valley.

The Independent asked the EPA’s media unit: where collection points will be located in the valley; for consumer information regarding the resultant price rises for drinks contained within the relevant range of affected containers; and, information about exempt containers, in regard to both price rises and those not suitable for the scheme.

The EPA responded with: “Return and Earn is the largest litter-reduction initiative to be introduced in NSW. It will be an environmental game-changer.

“Drink containers make up the largest proportion of litter volume in NSW at 44 per cent.

“The Scheme will also provide a fundraising opportunity for schools, community and sporting groups.

“Return and Earn’s Network Operator TOMRA Cleanaway is finalising collection points and the locations will be announced as they are rolled-out.

“The roll out is starting now because it is a massive logistical exercise.”

The Independent also contacted TOMRA Cleanaway and was told to make an online enquiry through its website’s ‘Express Interest’ portal.

A spokesperson for TOMRA Cleanaway said there was no one available who could talk about the matter.

The EPA’s response continued: “Eligible drink containers are based on those most prominent in the litter stream and that broadly align with container eligibility in the existing South Australian and Northern Territory container deposit schemes.

“Eligible drink containers include most between 150mls and three litres with some exceptions (a full list of exceptions can be found here:”