More nurses needed


In every part of the State I hear from nurses and midwives doing extraordinary work but who are under severe pressure.

It is frankly scandalous that our regional hospitals have fewer nurses per patient than in the big Sydney hospitals.

Understaffing affects every nurse, patient and family. In our regional areas it means less time with patients, higher staff turnover and worse patient outcomes.

That is why I recently joined hundreds of nurses to announce Labor’s Regional Nurse Ratios policy – to bring regional hospitals to the same staffing levels as in Sydney.

It means hundreds more nurses and better care in dozens of hospitals from Lismore to Broken Hill to Wagga Wagga.

And it means when your loved ones are sick, the care you receive in a regional hospital will be at the same standard as the big Sydney hospitals.

We should never accept a lesser level of care based on where you live. After eight long years of the Liberals and Nationals, and a $2 billion Sydney stadium splurge, it is time to make a change.

Luke Foley MP
NSW Labor Leader