Margaret Gosper (right) and Kaye Becker. Image: contributed

Margaret Gosper is Iluka WBC Consistency Singles Champ

Tuesday October 19 was the date that the final of this popular competition was played. Hearty congratulations to the winner Margaret Gosper who played an almost perfect game.

Her opponent Kaye Becker was once again the bridesmaid, however she had played well throughout the competition and just missed out on the final accolade once again.

Fourteen players entered the competition which ran smoothly despite one rain delay.


Round 1: Marg Gosper def Pam Ravet; Lyn Briggs def Pamela Kennedy;

Marg Caldwell def Kaylene Toovey; Kaye Becker def Ros Duncan; Anne Rawson def Janice Blaxter.

Round 2: Marg Gosper def Lyn Briggs; Di Hadlow def Marg Caldwell; 

Kaye Becker def Anne Rawson; Robyn Arthur def Jennifer Watson.

Round 3: Marg Gosper def Dianne Hadlow; Kaye Becker def Robyn Arthur.

Thank you to all the markers and to umpires who helped out during the competition which would not continue without their invaluable help.

At the discussion group held on Tuesday October 19 there was member interest in the Major/Minor Pairs for 2021. An almost unanimous decision was made to run the competition in November and the Match Committee has placed a nomination form on the notice board.

Kaye Becker