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Maclean Services Club farewells manager Sharon

Maclean Services Club farewelled their secretary/manager Sharon Shankland at a dinner in her honour on Saturday night (L-R) Maclean Services Club president Dennis Noel, past president Kevin Jones, secretary/manager Sharon Shankland and former presidents Joy De Roos and George Baker.


Lynne Mowbray

A special dinner was held on Saturday night at the Maclean Services Club to farewell secretary/manager of five years, Sharon Shankland.

Sharon who was the first ever female secretary/manager in the club, started her first position in administration, in September 1997 when she relieved in the office for six months, for a staff member on maternity leave.

After the staffer returned there was no position available in the office so Sharon finished her time there.

In December 1998, Sharon once again began working in the office alongside previous manager Mark Bannerman, who was at the time was finance manager.

During those first few years Sharon held down another two jobs (Yamba Bowling Club, in the bar and the Fish Co-Op). In 2000, she had finished both of her other jobs and was working solely for the Services Club.

During this time she had three pregnancies and raised two children and in October 2008 she was appointed second in charge, to Mark Bannerman.

In June 2012, Sharon was offered the secretary/manager position; at first she was a bit reluctant to take it on. With the stresses of motherhood and not having worked a full time job for some time, coupled with the responsibility and stresses of this new position, Sharon gave herself 12 months to see if the job was for her.

During that time she was given the utmost support from both the board members and Mark Bannerman.

Now five years down the track, her staff is bidding her a very sad farewell.

Maclean Services Club past president Joy De Roos said that Sharon should be proud of what she has accomplished and be leaving satisfied that her time not only as a secretary manager, but also as a major asset to the club for almost 20 years.

“Sharon is an inspiration to all females in the industry wanting to make it to higher roles,” Ms De Roos said.

Sharon who finishes up around 31 December (depending on when the new manager starts), said that she is looking forward to a bit of R and R and spending quality time with her family.