Maclean ladies tennis

The final day of the first social ladies tennis competition for the year was held last Thursday in very cool conditions, and luckily the moisture mainly stayed away until after the completion of the day’s play.

Unfortunately, Jeunesse was unable to play, so one match was played with only one’s, two’s and three’s playing, they finished a bit early and enjoyed the lovely spread by the ladies with alacrity while they watched the other match finishing.

The results were – Mitchell (32 games, 3 sets) had a lose to Dredge (42 games, 5 sets), and in the other match Neill (38 games, 6 sets) to McKenzie (24 games, 2 sets). Thank you to Sue filling in for Kay. 

The raffle of the lovely tray of chicken was won by Jenny Gorman.

Jessie, Jo, Jenny and Prue were on the winning team with Jennie, Anne and Hariet were runners up, next came Dredge’s, McAulay’s and McKenzie’s teams. It was great to have such a lovely social and jovial competition and look forward to the next one starting after the school holidays. You can come to our social days on the Thursdays during the holidays for a game and perhaps join us in comp, or contact Sue on 0408 353 503 or Prue on 0491 757 786.


Prue Harrington