Maclean Bowls Pennants



There were five Round 2 matches of Club Open Major Singles played last Sunday morning. The catch up Round 1 match had been played mid- week when Kerry Wells defeated Cliff Vagg.
Nominations have closed and the draws have been made and on the board for both the Veterans Singles and Mixed Pairs. No matches have as yet been scheduled but they can be played if players wish but please inform the bowls secretary before so rink space can be arranged.
The Club Minor Pairs nominations close on Friday June 2 at 5pm.
We have a number of bowlers representing in the various District Singles Championships which commence on Saturday week (May 14), they are reminded that AM matches commence at 8.40am and PM matches at 12.40pm.
These players are:
Open State Singles at Iluka – AM: Steve Jackson. PM: Jim Johnson, Warren McDonald, Don Plummer, John Deale, Ben Lee.
Senior at Maclean – AM: John Nash, Kerry Wells, Gary Scott. PM: Doug Starr, Jim Shannon.
Reserve Singles at Yamba – AM: Cliff Vagg, Des Johnson, Ken Crampton, Paul Ritchie. PM: Mick Catlin, Frank Mathieson, Ross Murphy.
Pennants: Last Saturday was the final round for our No 3 and No 5 Grades and the next to last round for the No 6 and No 7 Grades. Our No 3’s went down at Yamba against this year District winners.
However, all the other grades playing at home had good wins. The No 5’s inflicted the District winners of the grade Iluka, their first loss of the season, by a good margin. Our No 6’s now are a step closer to winning the District flag and lead by a clear five and a half points with only one match to play this Saturday at home against Wooli. Our No 7’s did have a narrow and hard fought win over Iluka but with only Brooms Head to play this week are out of the hunt.
Sunday morning May 1 – Club Open Major Singles (Round 2): Ben Lee d Jim Shannon 31 – 20; Warren McDonald d Kerry Wells 31 – 23; Ron Smidt d Michael Bailey 31 – 14; Steve Jackson d Mick Prowse 31 – 11; Tom Johnson d Gary Scott 31 – 26.
Matches set down for this week are:
Open Major Singles (Round 2).
Tuesday May 3 at 1pm: Doug Starr v Ross Murphy (Marker: TBA).
Saturday May 7 at 1pm: John Deale v Jim Johnson (Marker: K. Wells); Ron Orr v Don Plummer (Marker: TBA).
Sunday May 8 at 9.30am (Round 3 – quarter-finals): Ben Lee v Warren McDonald (Jim Shannon); Ron Smidt v winner (Orr/Plummer) (Michael Bailey); Steve Jackson v Tom Johnson (Marker: TBA); winner (Deale/Johnson) v winner (Murphy/Starr) (Marker: TBA).
Results: Round 6 Grades 3 and 5 & Round 9 for 6 & 7 Grades.
Grade 3: Maclean defeated by Yamba 61-44 (1 point to 9); Grade 5: Maclean defeated Iluka 77-45 (9 points to 1); Grade 6: Maclean defeated South Grafton Ex-services 67-34 (10 points to 0); Grade 7: Maclean defeated Iluka 54-50 (9 points to 1).