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Maclean Boulevard land sells

The development construction is estimated to cost between $800,000 – $900,000 (subject to council fees) and around eight months to build (depending on the weather).
Around 10-12 tradespeople (at any one time) will be employed during the construction phase.
The development project will have 18 car parks at the rear of the building.
Materials to be used in the construction include; timber, modern weatherboard and heritage face brick and will be built in accordance of the ‘heritage precinct’ listing.
Construction will commence as soon as possible, subject to council.

A prime piece of land in River Street, Maclean, has been sold to a local builder.
Maclean builder Andrew Tom Developments Pty Ltd purchased the property which had been on the market for several years, from local developer Dale James in January this year.
The historic building which once stood on the land was demolished 11 years ago, after a fire destroyed the iconic landmark.
Mr Tom said that he started looking at the land (which has a 21 meter frontage and is 60 deep), in 2015.
“I decided that Maclean needed some decent restaurants, so I started to think what I could design to sit on the block, to keep within the scope of what was originally there,” said Mr Tom.
“I tried to keep (the front of the building) within the context of the original facade.
“I thought that an arcade down the middle would also be a good idea, considering they’re going to develop Clyde Street (the proposed IGA site), adjacent to the back of the property.
“I spoke with the former owner regarding the concept and he gave me some ideas and we came up with this plan/concept together.
“The plan has not as yet gone before council although we’ve had a couple of DMU (Development Management Unit) meetings with council and hopefully this is the final plan and we move on with the DA (Development Application).
Mr Tom said that the redevelopment of McLachlan Park (across the road from the vacant land), strongly influenced his decision to buy the property.
“Once I saw what their (councils) concept was and their final stage 1, I thought that it would be a good idea to build on the land and put some restaurants in.
“With the proposed pontoon they are going to build, boats will be able to pull up and occupants will be able to go to a nice restaurant.
“The development will be two stories and at this stage on the ground level, I’ve got two al-a-carte restaurants that face the river.
“Behind the restaurant on the back left, there will be a laundromat, as there was one there before and behind the restaurant on the right there will be two smaller shops.
“Above the shops will be three units; one penthouse unit and two other units.
“The penthouse will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a double garage at the rear, and each of the units will have two bedrooms.
“We met with council on the 17 January this year, with all positive feedback from them and we have another final DMU meeting with them on 21 March, before going for DA.
“The council seem happy to see something going back on the vacant site.
“It will be a boost to the town and to the local economy.”
Previous owner Dale James said that he bought the property around 2002 and set about restoring the building; which included the popular Cafe Boulevard restaurant and a laundromat.
“I’m excited for Maclean to have sold to a local builder who intends to replace the shops and building that were burnt down, in a similar heritage style, in keeping with the streetscape.
“I was lucky to find a builder with passion, who wants to take off with the venture. I think that the timing works in well, with the recent improvements by council, to McLachlan Park across the road from the site.
I’m hoping that this development will inspire other commercial landholders in Maclean to improve the appearance of their properties, like some others are currently doing.
It will be good for the town and I wish him (Mr Tom) well.