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Jim Johnson’s Maclean team wins District Triples

Our Maclean teams faired very well in various events in the last week. First up was a good win in the State RSL Zone 7 final when our team of Ron Orr, Trevor Govey and John Deale won the event at Iluka last Wednesday. The three players have been now selected in the Zone side to play at Umina next week. Maclean teams also did very well in the weekends District Triples Championships at Brooms Head. In the State Open Triples Jim Johnson’s team of Cliff Vagg & Scott Fell defeated another Maclean team of Tom Cross, Doug Starr & Warren McDonald in the final. In the final of the State Reserve Triples Garry Montgomery’s team of Ross Murphy and Frank Mathieson defeated a team from Red Rock. In the final of the Senior Triples our team of Mick Fuss, Leo Wood and Jim Shannon were defeated by a strong Yamba team skipped by Grahame Meany. Round 2 of our Club Open fours was played last Thursday which gets this Championship down to the semi-final stage which will be played this Thursday commencing at 5pm. There were also some matches of B & C Grade Singles played. Nominations for the Club Open Triples are now open. A list is on the board. This championship will be two-bowl of 28 ends this year. The closing date is Friday, March 4. The first round of Pennants for Grades 6 & 7 commence this Saturday. We play Yamba in the No.6’s and Red Rock in the 7’s. A trial has been arranged against Grafton at home for Grades 3 & 5 for this Saturday afternoon. Results Club Open Fours – Thursday February 11 (Round 2): Cliff Vagg, Steve Fuller, Kerry Wells, Don Plummer d Michael Bailey, Terry Johnson, Scott Fell, Jim Johnson 21 – 14; Ross Murphy, Ron Orr, Trevor Govey, John Deale d Ray Davis, Tom Cummins, Rob Woldseth, Len Everson 22 – 19; Doug Howat, Peter Hurst, John Connell, Frank Mathieson d Jon Keats, Bruce Ellem, Alan Ford, Paul Bamback 28 – 21; Garry Montgomery (team) won on forfeit from Terry Radford (team). Club C Grade Singles – Thursday February 11 (Round 2): Mick Fuss d Tony Fato 25 – 9. Club B Grade Singles – Sunday February 14 (Round 1): Jamie Blanchard d Harry Austen 31 – 23; Kim Frazer d Peter Hurst 31 – 26; Neville Harris d Rob Woldseth 31 – 29; Brett Pingel d Kevin Johnson 31 – 29. Matches scheduled for this week are: Thursday, February 18 for 5pm start – Club B Grade Singles (Round 2) (markers required): Tom Cross v Jim Mills; John Hupfield v Ron Smidt; Paul Ritchie v Mick Fuss. Club C Grade Singles (Round 2): Kevin Johnson v Rob Woldseth. Sunday, February 21 for 9.30am start – Club Open Fours (skippers names only): Don Plummer (team) v Frank Mathieson (team); John Deale (team) v Garry Montgomery (team). All matches are strictly play or forfeit. Toucher