Image: Pixabay

Iluka’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’


Do not fear. There are no fishing trawlers missing off the coast but something big (three of them in fact) are missing from Iluka.

I speak of course of the much-awaited developments in the tourist infrastructure for the coastal village. Where have they gone and why hasn’t Council been able to give them a bit of hurry up in deference to the locals.

The hotel improvements have been on display for some time. The road sale completed, and work was expected to start after Easter. Well, it seems the bunny didn’t come, and the asbestos tower remains intact.

Then there is the Hickey St sub-division of some 150 allotments. Well, the land for stage one was cleared before Christmas, but nothing has happened since. Rumours abound ranging from financial to increased toxicity readings in the sand. Who knows?

Worst offender is the proposed surf and yoga resort planned for the old service station on the corner of Spencer and Owen Street. Despite council approval, the site is a mess and has become a dumping ground for fishing apparatus and storage. All that has been done is a big hole where the fuel tanks were and the cutting down the four mature palm trees that adorned the edge of the block. Thanks for nothing.


Col Hennessy, Iluka