Iluka Vets golf

Tuesday saw the sun shining and the humidity rise and 36 players attended a medley Stableford sponsored by Trevor Blackburn.

The shot gun start event was won by Philip Taylor c/b 36. Runner up was Laurice Poore c/b 36.

NTP’s: 1/10 G. Freeman; 6/15 T. Blackburn; 8/17 Rick Miller. The Roy Ellery NTP 3/12 Richard Miller. 

Ball run down to 32. The Barry Robbie Mars bar went to Trish Freeman.

Raffle draws: #1 Jim Wride; #2 Trevor Blackburn. Draw of cards Phil Penberthy. 

Next weeks event is a medley single Stableford sponsored by Kerry Wilson. Hope all our members and guests have a safe and happy Holiday season whatever you may be doing.

Emma Mills