End of year for Grafton swimmers

The final swim for 2020 was held on December 22 and competition will resume on January 5.

With this time of year always being busy for most, it was pleasing to see so many members arrive for the weekly swim, bringing with them family members and friends who are visiting for the festive season.

The feature race for the night was the Wykes Tyrepower Cup (30m butterfly, break stroke or backstroke) and those qualifying for this final were Natalie Durrington, Gary Dixon, Tracey Hill, John Wainwright, Steve Donnelly and Whitney Moon.

Viewing this final was like watching poetry in motion as the swimmers from lane two to lane five were all breast stroking, creating a lovely formation in the water.

Gary was deemed to have crossed the black line first, followed very closely by Natalie. However, time checks indicated that Gary had broken by .69 and Natalie by .25.

These breaks elevated Tracey to a very well- deserved win and ownership of the Cup for the next month. Steve was placed second and John third.

Looking like the odd one out, Sharon Welsh was the only lady in the final of the 50m with her opposition coming from Terry Barnes, Terry Marsh, Tyler Durrington and Doug Ensbey.

A video taken of the actual finish highlighted just how close the finish was. The two Terries, Marsh and Barnes claimed first and second, Marshy taking the win from Barnesy with both swimmers recording exact times. Doug was placed third.

Andrew Madden, Toni Ensbey, Sharon Welch, John Wainwright and Richard Sear were the finalists in the 30m freestyle sprint.

John was terribly unlucky in this event, called first over the line but then learning that he had broken by .12.

Sharon was next home and awarded the win with Richard taking second place and Toni third.


Rounding off the night, a group of 26 progressed to the GDSC where a delicious meal was enjoyed, and time was spent reminiscing about the year that was.

Our Executive Committee would like to thank the GDSC for their continued support of our club during the year and to The Independent and the Daily Examiner for publishing our weekly news so that our followers are kept in touch.

Toni Ensbey